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Insure yourself against rising energy prices and be energy independent with your own photovoltaic power plant. Don't have time to go round the bureaucratic wheel? We will complete the photovoltaic project for you.


How does turnkey photovoltaics work in our presentation? We implement projects from A to Z. We will design the photovoltaic system, arrange subsidies and install it - everything tailored and without worries. We will provide everything necessary, from documentation and processing of all administration to the actual installation of photovoltaic panels. You then start producing electricity to cover your own consumption, store any excess in the battery or sell it to the distribution network.

A complete solution

Photovoltaic power plant made to measure and without worries. We will arrange everything from administration to installation.

Fast delivery

Implementation within 4 months from the signing of the contract. We guarantee quality and safety.

Help with subsidy

We will take care of all the administration for drawing the New Green Savings subsidy.


We implement projects in such a way that they are beneficial for you. We will carefully consider the real benefits of installing photovoltaics and propose an optimal solution. We will guide you through the entire subsidy process. By using the Nová zlěna savings subsidy, you will accelerate the return on investment for the construction of a photovoltaic power plant by up to 7 years. The average length of implementation from the signing of the contract varies within 4 months from the signing of the contract, of which the actual installation on the family house takes about 3 days. This will save you time and money.

We approach projects responsibly

We guarantee the quality and safety of the materials used, monitor all the key components of the implementation and consistently carry out revisions. We use modern photovoltaic panels with a 25-year warranty to implement projects. We have many years of experience in the development of professional industrial solutions in the field of energy and energy savings. Our team consists of professionals in their fields who keep up with current trends and use the most modern technologies.

Step in the right direction

Are you thinking about a photovoltaic power plant? Its investment pays off economically and ecologically. Contact us, we will arrange a meeting where we will discuss in detail all technical and business matters as well as your requirements. We will be available to you before, during and after the installation of photovoltaic panels.

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