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The company Designostav s.r.o. has also been engaged in the construction of brick low-energy family houses for several years. Our family houses are a simple and reliable option to achieve quality family living carefree.

We realize family houses that meet all low-energy standards, passive or even active. For construction, we are always looking for technical solutions that are the best possible not only in terms of quality and durability, but also in terms of financing. We work with stable and proven supply companies to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and trust.

Why build with us?

  • Professional consulting - we select the best technical solutions that respect financial efficiency and at the same time your wishes and requirements.
  • Projecting - we will materialize all your requirements in the prepared project and we will already know the final form of your new house.
  • Building permit - we will arrange for you all the necessary documents that are required to start the construction of a new property.
  • Speed of construction - during construction, we take care to adhere to the time schedules, which are key for us, but above all for you.
  • Build quality - we take care of most of the work ourselves and only use materials from verified suppliers. Quality is key.
  • ZWarranty and service - it does not end with the construction and delivery of the house. Warranty and service are a matter of course for our customers.
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